Rules of poker for beginners


Poker happens to beamongst the most widespread card games, not only in our country, but all over the world. The poker game makes sometimes problematic to leave the tableeven and say: pass!

For learners, learning to play poker may seem quite complicated, but it is a matter of practice. After a few hands the tactics of the game will become understandable even to a layman. After all, it’s practice that makes perfect!

Poker game rules for beginners

Several people distinguish how to play poker, but how to play poker well is a knowledge possessed by a small group of people for whom card games have no secrets. It is worth learning the basic rules of the game at the beginning, and then deepen your knowledge and assimilate various poker strategies.

The most important issue is the hand in poker, the order of which from highest to lowest is as follows:

The royal flush is the highest hand of cards in sequence: 10, Jopek, Queen, King, Ace.

A straight flush is a suit, but lower than royal flush, i.e. 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.

Four of a kind are the same four cards.

A Ful is three matching pieces and a pair,.

Suits are cards of the same suit but out of sequence, for example: King, Jopek, 6, 2, Queen.

A straight use to be five cards in a row.

Three of a kind are the same three cards and two different ones.

Two pairs are two of the same cards and another two are the same, for example Jopek, Jopek, Król, Król, 3.

A pair use to be two cards of the similar and three other cards, for example: King, King, 9, Queen, 5.

A high otakupoker card is a hand in which we have none of the other hands and the highest card we have is what counts, for example: Ace, King, 6, 4, 2.