Study in Canada- Education System

The education system in Canada falls under the complete dominion of the territories and provinces, which means there is no central education system in Canada. An interesting notion about the education system in Canada is the fact that public education in the country is free up to secondary school.

Courses in Canada are amongst the most widely recognized globally. The education system in Canada comprises of both public and private institutions. You are met with a wide choice of over 96 universities, 175 Community Colleges that offer an ambit of programs.

Having this brief idea regarding the education system in Canada, we can delve deeper into the nitigrities of the system that help it make one of the most sought after globally.

Types of institutions
Universities in Canada are funded by the public hence offer high quality education at economical rates to international students. This is one of the greatest advantages when compared to other study destinations. A broad range of courses and degrees from undergraduate to doctorate even certificate and professional degrees are available. The classroom size is generally large and Post Study Work Option upto three years is also available.

Technical Institutes and Community Colleges
Career oriented, these have a more practical and technical related curriculum. Some of its typical features includes small classes, off-campus course offerings, infrastructure and interactive environment. Government owned and managed, these offer Post Study Work Option of upto three years.

Career/ Technical/ Private Colleges
Privately owned and operated, their primary objective is preparing you for the job market after a short period of instruction. The emphasis at Career College is on practical skills. Post Study Work Option depends on the institution.

Types of Certifications
This qualification is awarded upon one year of programme.

This qualification is awarded upon one or two years of programme.

Advanced Diploma
A three year program, it may lead to a Bachelors Program.

Bachelor’s Degree
A four year full time study program, it is awarded by universities, university colleges and community colleges, which can lead to graduate level studies.

Post Graduate Diploma/Certificate
A specialized applied course, it leads to either a Certificate or a Diploma. The duration of the program is between 8-12 months and is often preferred by students when compared to Master’s programs. These programs have in them, work terms which offer you full-time opportunities to attain practical skills along with theory. Duration of the work term in the course is between 12-17 weeks. In order to make an application in the said program a three or four years of Bachelor’s degree is required.

Masters Degree: canada pr process
If you look to further learn, research or broaden your career possibilities, the Master’s Degree is your best bet. A two year degree, it can be pursued either after a 4 years of Bachelors or 3 years of Bachelor along with a 1 year Post Graduate Diploma from Canada.

PhD/ Doctorate
Highest attainable qualification, it generally takes 4-7 years to complete.

If you’re looking to study in Canada, you should begin planning one year prior. Universities and colleges in Canada usually have intakes in September and January which are known as Fall and Winter intake respectively. Some also have a May intake but this is largely dependent on the university under consideration.

Tuition Fees
Diploma and Certificate Program: C$13000-C$16000

Bachelors Program: C$13000-C$18000

Masters Program: C$17000-C$25000

Scholarships in Canada are limited in nature and only cover a certain cost of the course. If you have attained exceptional academic results, your chances of attaining scholarships at universities and colleges in Canada increase. The amount you will attain varies from institutions, that will cover a certain section of your education and living expenses. Applications are usually made directly to the institution. However, Community and Career Colleges along with school boards and private schools don’t usually offer scholarships.

Co-Operative Work Term
A work term, it is included in the course curriculum. It gives you the chance to gain practical knowledge related to the field of specialization. It has a large number of benefits, one of the most prominent ones being gaining on the job training while studying. These programs usually last for 12-17 weeks.

These courses in Canada amalgamate multitude of subjects with relevant work experience, giving you a head start with your job prospects. These are great opportunities for you to connect with the job market by networking with companies.

With a clear understanding of the education system, you’re decision to study in Canada will become much simpler.

How to Start Your Own Food Trailer Business in Dubai

Food trailer may be a Western concept, but it is more popular in the Middle East. There are a wide range of festivals during which food trucks flood the streets of Dubai, offering an exhaustive variety of eatables. If you are thinking of being a part of this flourishing business, then you have come to right place. There are six standard steps to start your food truck business in Dubai. russian chocolate

  1. Acquire a Permit: Before you could even start planning the specifics of your food trailer business, you need to acquire a food permit/license from the Food Safety Department in Dubai. After submitting all the relevant documents, you need to wait for the approval. Only then do you need to draw up a static plan for your food truck.
  2. Business Plan Submission: Get a proper business plan in place. You need to make it as detailed as possible. This time around, you will require approvals from the Department of Economic Development, Dubai Municipality, the Road and Transport Authority of Dubai (RTA), and the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA). Initially, submit your business plan and related documents to the Economic Department and the Municipality, since there is no point in first gaining approval from the RTA and DEWA if the former two establishments reject your proposal.
  3. Kitchen Approval: Oh yes! You will need an approval from the government for your kitchen as well. The food trailer is a mobile business, always exposed to fuels from the truck. You need to design your kitchen in such a way that all the safety protocols are met. Consult an expert for the purpose. Ask him/her to create an HCCAP certified kitchen layout. You need to submit this layout to the proper authorities for approval. You will also be asked for the trailer layout and blueprints, so take those along as well.
  4. Pick the Ideal Location: Now that all your government related documents have been approved, all that remains is the location. Ideally, you should start scouring for locations as soon as you get the final approval, since food trailer spots are hard to come by. Not because they are few and far between, but because they are being filled up pretty quickly in Dubai.
  5. The Assembling Process: Once you have acquired the right location, you need to make that spot your own. Start customizing your trailer inside out. But before you do anything else, you need to assemble the components. You can get the fitouts from the same place that you got your food truck. If it not available there, then you need to import it from Germany or the US. Hire a professional to help assemble your food trailer.

Once you have set up the trailer, put your culinary skills to work and start serving the folks that line up at your truck. If you are wondering where to purchase or rent an assembled food truck, you can visit Bespoke Trailers right away to get the best rates.

How to Find Reliable Football Gambling Agents to Place Your Bets?

Football betting has become quite popular over the years, and there are many people who are taking to it as a hobby as well as a means of making money. There are a few who pursue football gambling passionately, may be because they are interested in the sport they are betting on. The football season lasts around 9 months and people who love the sport and bet on matches can’t wait for the holiday period of 3 months to get over. They look forward to the new season with the same spirit just as they bade adieu to the last one. gclub There are many footballs gambling websites that help these people pursue their passion without having to move an inch from their sofa. The present generation of bet makers has online reliable agents that allow them to easily place their bets on matches from different football leagues. These agencies provide simple and effective ways of betting on games. 토토사이트

With the help of these reliable agents, football lovers can put their money on certain football matches and then hope the result goes their way. And if it does, they stand a chance of winning huge sums of money. If you bet on a team with all the against them, you can expect a jackpot to land your way; betting on an underdog gives you slim chances of winning, but if you do, a large sum of money will be waiting for you to grab hold of. This is what happened with Leicester City of the English Premier League. At the start of the just concluded season, Leicester were 5000/1 favorites for winning the championship. And the season prior to that, they just escaped relegation, so the odds were against them. But, a lucky few who would have gambled on them to win the league would have made a fortune. This is what football gambling does.

Not only will you earn profits, you will enjoy games more than you used to do. You just have to choose your games very carefully. Make your wager accordingly and then wait for the game to happen. If you place bets using a reliable football gambling agent in Indonesia, you will also get latest information on betting tips, predictions, and news from a team of football experts. You just have to sign up for free with one of these websites and then create your betting account through which you can conduct transactions.