IT Service Management Books


ITSM is one of the most preferred certification courses that people like to do in order to help improve IT knowledge and accessible features in their organization. The course helps in improving the best practices of individuals by helping them master the changes made in IT Service Management Space, the area where all the ITSM related situations are handled.

There are a lot of opportunities available to people who take up ITSM. Having knowledge of various processes occurring in the IT department is very important. But, everything in the IT department undergoes changes very quickly. Knowledge is the most powerful weapon known to man for a reason. It helps create things that are beyond imagination. So, here is a list of books to help you go through the IT sector management to gather knowledge.

List of Books:

ABC of ICT Card SetIt was written by Paul Wilkinson and aimed at drawing attention towards ITC card sets, which are inarguably one of the most important ITSM concepts.

  • ITSM- An Introduction, based on ITIL V3 and ISO20000

This book was written by mixed authors who provide the introductory knowledge required to prosper in the industry of ITSM.

  • Owning ITIL

It was written by Stewart Johnson and reflected the advantages in the business if ITIL is involved along with ITSM in the industry.

  • ABC of ICT- An Introduction

It was written by Paul Wilkinson and is the sequel of the book ICT Card set. This is regarding the introductory approach to ITSM.

  • IT Service Management from hell

It was written by Paul Wilkinson, who is trying to deliver all the hot practices used in the IT service management Industry. From hell is just an interpretation.

  • Introduction To Real ITSM

It was written by Antonio Valle (G2) to drag the attention of aspirants towards the most genuine concepts of ITSM and ITIL.

  • ITIL V3 Planning to Implement service

It was written by Paul Wilkinson to guide young ITSM aspirants through the toil of implementing methodologies in the ITSM service development.

  • Guide to the Universal Service Management Body

It was written by Antonio Valle (G2) who wrote this book in order to create a uniform code for managing all the sectors and maintaining the balance in different departments of an organization. These were all management concepts that could unite people while working through a particular methodology.

  • Introduction to Real ITSM

It was written by Stewart Johnson, who attempted to bring the raw and real ITSM concepts that are proven to help grow and sustain any company on the grounds of IT.

  • Foundations of ITSM based on ITIL V3

It was written by Van Bon Jan, who wanted to set the foundation stone for people interested in ITSM by writing this book with every base-level methodology thinking that any individual could lead a better-informed career.

  • Service Transition based on ITIL V3

This book was written by mixed writers who emphasize on understanding the transition mechanism of service management in the IT department of the company.

  • ITIL V3, a pocket guide

It was written by Jan Van Bon in the year 2007. It aims at providing a book that contains all the important concepts to know regarding ITSM and also to get everything handy.

  • Release and Control for ITSM and ITIL v2

It was written by mixed authors and aimed at teaching the release and control techniques of ITSM effectively in a way that students would understand.

  • Defining IT Success Through The Service Catalogue 

This book was written by Antonio Valle (G2) and published in the year 2011. This book is basically a practical guide that has all the matriculated systems necessary for the effective management of IT Services.

  • The IT Skeptic Looks at CMDB

This book was written by Stewart Johnson and published in the year 2011. It deals with Critical Success Factors (CSF) and their importance in all the IT spheres in order to strengthen the analysis of data for success.

  • Measuring ITIL

This book was written by Moises Robles and published in the year 2011. This book gives special attention to KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) so that it could help the development of senior management.

Many other books were also followed, which include books like Service Design based on ITIL V3Service Operation based on ITIL V3, Implementing Metrics for ITSM and ITIL and Service Strategy based on ITIL V3.

Here are the top books to follow for a better approach towards ITSM and its branches.