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        I would like to start out by stating that our over all goal here is to keep rules to a minimum.  The gist of our rules are to ensure the highest quality of game-play a achieve a quality environment for our members.  Administrators are a must as they are the only way to ensure that everyone has an enjoyable gaming experience.  I will end this introduction by reminding you all to treat others as you would want to be treated.

1.)  NO CHEATING.  This will NOT BE TOLERATED.  If you are caught cheating you will be banned from the game server which you are caught cheating on.  No exceptions.  This includes but is not limited to wall hacks, aimbots, INVENTORY EDITORS, fly hacks, and UNAPPROVED MODS.

2.)  Be mature.  This is a must, we are going to be spending a lot of time around each other.  It is okay to have fun or be childish, but it is NOT okay to be obnoxious in any way, this includes griefing.  Griefing is the act of destroying someone else’s creations, or stealing other players in game property.  This doesn’t mean you cannot play pranks, but be prepared to fix the damage you have done.

3.)  Respect our admins.  If an administrator asks something of you, it is in everyone’s best interest that you comply.  If you disagree with what is being asked of you, politely excuse yourself and inform an administrator of higher power.  You can find a list of whom you may contact here.

4.)  Do not exploit power.  Our goal with administration is to ensure a quality game-play environment and quality game-play, by exploiting your powers as an administrator you are directly tarnishing this goal.  Administration power is meant to be respected not abused or feared.  If we learn of an administrator abusing their powers, they will be promptly removed.

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