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We are recruiting! We’re not a clan, we’re a family. Active members may have admin powers in order to enforce our server rules and to insure that everyone has fun. No major decision affecting the clan are made without input from our administration team. No money is required to be a part of this organization. Register on the website and join us on TeamSpeak to begin the recruitment process. Our members and administrators will decide at the end of your probationary period if you have what it takes to become an official member of NAC.

Thank you, and we look forward to hearing from you.

If you post on the forums and don’t hear from us immediately, contact us on TeamSpeak.
We are not ignoring you.



NOTE: Most servers are password or whitelist protected. Contact Roane112 if you need assistance connecting.

Please note that we will be moving to a twitch VoIP server starting 7/1/2017. Please use the following link to download the app and automatically join our server. https://invite.twitch.tv/Ibws See you soon!! :)

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